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Provincialate - Kothur ( 8th December 1998)

Most Rt. Rev. Dr. P.C. Balaswamy, Bishop of Nellore Diocese invited the Bethlemites to open another community at Kothur, to take care and to provide education for the Orphans and the children of the leprosy parents at Bethel Orphanage, and we accepted to open the community and to extend the charism. And on 10th October 1980 the community had its beginning.

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Kothanur–Bangalore - St Joseph Nivas,26th February 2004

The community of Casa Belen Novitiate is comprised of the following sisters and novices. Our community is a formative community where we dedicate our time to form the candidates according to the charism of our Institute.

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Tamil Nadu

Koovathur - Our Lady of Bethlehem Convent ,4th June 1991 Origin,26th June 1993 Canonically erected.

We the Bethlemites had been invited to work in Koovathur Parish in 1991:The sisters are engaged in: 1. Education 2. Health 3. Pastoral & social work;And also our ministry comprises of the entire Parish and adjacent areas. Sisters give preparation for the initiation of the Sacraments to children. They animate the Youth group; Form the Choir for liturgy and prepare the altar.

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Villaflor ,23rd November 1993 Canonically erected

The community of Pondicherry was founded on November 23, 1993. The sisters are working by administering the residential home for the University girls who are doing their studies. This work has a good recognition in the environment and in other cities by the values, discipline and the way in which the sisters form the Young girls. The parents place their trust at the care and love of the sisters. The girls are brought from different cities of southern India.

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